MOVE ON! - Promoting social inclusion of women, aged over 50, low-qualified, unemployed, and developing educators’ profile through education by art

Welcome to the MOVE-ON!, a ERASMUS+ Partnership (2018-2020), guided by the following priorities:

  • As regards our most relevant priority, it is important for this project to promote social inclusion of women by using innovative methodologies which will reach effectively their personal development;
  • Secondly, this partnership targets one very specific group, women over 50, low qualified and unemployed, for which will be used a creative and innovative methodology, focused in education by art;
  • The third priority is given to educators in their career aspirations. Educators need to acquire and to develop new and creative strategies, methodologies and tools to turn effective learning processes.

Portugal (Coordinator)

CFPIMM - Centro de Formação Profissional das Indústrias da Madeira e Mobiliário


Kuressaare Gümnaasium


Civil Vállalkozások Egyesület




International College Sp. z o.o. (IC)

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Transnational learning, teaching or training activities (LTTA)
Scheduled Date Destination Country Name Accomplished
1 March 2019 Portugal "Self-awareness – who am I”
2 February 2020 Poland "Moving on – who can I be”
Transnational project meetings
Scheduled Date Destination Country Accomplished
1 October 2018 Lithuania
2 September 2019 Estonia

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  • e-portfolio

    The e-Portfolio is unique and describes the learning outcomes of adults demonstrating the skills that the project aims to develop.

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    creative book
    1st LLTA - Portugal
    March /2019

    Activities to develop with women and educators: Dramatherapy, Self-Painting, Patchwork Blanket, Creating Musical Instruments with recycled materials, Gastronomy, professional and cultural visits.

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    2nd LLTA - Poland
    February / 2020